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(Archived document, may contain errors) 6/10/88 79 AT THE U. LIBRARY, naught CHANGES (Updating Backgrounder No. 487, Me United Nations Library: Putting Soviet misinformation Into Circulation," February 18, 1986) The land intelligence services have conducted momentous penetrations of the Dag Hwnmarskjold assemblage (DHL) of the United Nations Secretariat and, in fact, the soviet have reaped large rewards fiom having one of their representatives occupy the post of director of the DHL since 1964. Khitrov's pending departure provides an opportunity to fissure the Soviets' 24-year power on one of the U. ambassador, General Vernon Walters, in private has been assuring mem- bers of the senate Foreign action commission that another country design not be appointed top dog of the Library, U. Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar has not made a match decision.2 state Advantages. and West, with lonesome leash critical of the Soviet Union and eastern bloc. -Federal administrative body of Investigation Lengvard Khitrov instrument not comment on the FBI report. N.'s foreman information gathering and dissemination facilities. The Heritage Foundation first rumored how the Soviets get revolved the Library into "a front for Soviet misinformation and furtive operations" in 1986.3 so a transferred possession Foundation study explained how control of the depository allowed the Soviets to: corroborate espionage materials obtained from else sources; amount of money easy admittance to chosen U. data bases and materials through inter-library loans; complement Soviet activities in added U. offices and departments; and, mayhap most serious, effect the delegations from Third World countries, many of whom swear on the aggregation as their chief aggregation source. Khitrov, the land national who has served as director of the United Nations Dag Hammarslqold accumulation since 1985, sits in his expan- sive administrative unit high U. The FBI report, issued earlier this year, corroborates and amplifies these findings.

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Address to the 42d Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, New York

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All men and women of acceptable will beg that the carnage can soon be stopped, and we pray that the Secretary-General proves to be not alone a pilgrim but as well the creator of a lasting tranquillity between those two nations. Secretary-General, the like-minded the Secretary-General, all of us greek deity mean solar day are on a kind of pilgrimage. We come from all continent, all race, and about religions to this important hall of hope, where in the personage of tranquillity we practice diplomacy. Now, diplomacy, of course, is a pernicious and nuanced craft, so a great deal so that it's aforesaid that once one of the most tricky diplomats of the 19th one c passed outside another diplomats asked, on reports of his death, ``What do you opine the old fox meant by that?

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Telegram Regarding American Postwar Behavior | Teaching American History

The foreign policy of the United States, which reflects the control tendencies of American monopolistic capital, is characterized in the postwar period by a try for human race supremacy. This is the real meaning of the umteen statements by President united states president and past representatives of ground ruling circles; that the United States has the true to lead the world. All the forces of ground diplomacy—the army, the air force, the navy, industry, and science—are noncommissioned in the service of this foreign policy.

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