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Eighteen shots of plane nosed tubelike 45# sword projectiles penetrating into building material targets with boxlike compressive strength of 50 MPa are conducted, wherever the striking velocities are ranged from 510 m/s to 1850 m/s. By examining the redress of targets, linear dependences of the cratering length and depth on the initial spectacular velocity, as well as the cratering volume on the letter of the alphabet mechanics life of projectile are found. Three penetration regimes, i.e., rigid weapon penetration, deforming weapon system penetration without eating away and eroding projectile penetration are observed successively with the gain of striking velocity.

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Hugoniot measurement by hyper-velocity impact at velocities up to 9 km/s using a two-stage light-gas gun under optimized shot conditions - ScienceDirect

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The optimization for speed of a projectile was performed by varying walter piston fundamental quantity in thinking with the correlation with projectile large-scale and the engineering limits of the two-stage light-gas gun, and the weapon system rate has been achieved 9.2 km/s using the best speed conditions. Moreover, the Hugoniot measurements of oxygen-free fuzz were performed mistreatment the electromagnetic radiation reflection know-how at pressures up to 380 GPa by symmetric impact. The tilt and form of shock front were investigated according to the impact velocity, and it is tried to be important that the continuous spatial salience of shock front would be recorded.

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What is less lethal? What makes it less lethal? Evaluating Less Lethal | SDI

Less deadly weapons are also titled non fatal weapons or less-than-lethal weapons. Less fatal weapons are well-intentioned to be inferior expected to ending a living target than conservative weapons such as knives and firearms. Less lethal weapons are exploited by law enforcement, military and correction officers according to the ess-lethality is dependent on the inherent nature of the weapon, the way it is old and the danger of the opponent.

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