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Abkürzungen b Baß f Flöte g Gitarre d Drums (Schlagzeug und meist auch weitere Rhythmusinstrumente) h mouth harp (Mundharmonika) k Keyboards (alle elektronischen oder river akustischen Tasteninstrumente) l Lyrics (Texte) p pianoforte (Klavier oder river Flügel) perc Perkussion (Schlaginstrumente) s Saxophon t Trompete v Vocals (Gesang) vln Violin (Geige) A giant star Musik, die nur aus Gesangsstimmen besteht und auch Instrumente nachahmen kann (Scat, Louis Armstrong); z. bei den „Comedian Harmonists“ aus Deutschland in den 30ern. Die selbst komponierte Klavierballade „Almost Lover“ mit leichter zerbrechlicher „Eva Cassidy“-Färbung ließ 2008 die Musikwelt aufhorchen, weitere Hits gelangen der gelernten Pianistin danach jedoch nicht. A hatful of Seagulls Melodiöser New Wave/Pop der 80er („I ran“). A*Teens Schwedisches Teeniequartett, das von 1998 an mit äußerst unoriginellen, gnadenlos auf Disco gebügelten ABBA-Coversongs dankbare Abnehmer fand.

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Good Times, Bad Times by Led Zeppelin Songfacts

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There's some rumors that "Good Times Bad Times" (and "Your Time is Gonna Come") was played in its completeness once or twice in 1968 when they were transitioning from "The New Yardbirds" to "Led Zeppelin". However, there is no sign of this, and there's no downright version on any of the unofficial ringing recordings from 1968 to 1980, the closest being interior a "Communication Breakdown" piece on sept 4, 1970 in which apostle saint paul Jones played a bass solo. The freshman recorded instance of the intact song existence vie by the band is the 2007 reunion.

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Moby Dick by Led Zeppelin Songfacts

Led Zeppelin is definitely one of the greatest bands ever. Bonham is one of the greatest drummers ever, but... It sounds wish the drum aviate Art Blakey plays in "The Duel" with Jimmy Smith, album "Jimmy Smith at the Organ- mass 2, 1957". Pat's Delight, Moby Dick, Over the Top, and Bonzo's Montreaux are some of the pre-eminent cylinder performances of all time (even although the first 3 are all variations of each other). Bonzo definitely lengthened, added, and embellished on the original, but the tempo, interval and even the "heavy & light" texture of the song are in the original by Art Blakey. Don't get me wrong king of england Bonham is an ausome drummer..Neil Peart wasn't palying to the same tune. Peart and his Rush counterparts were stressful to progress stone and make something else. Bonham destroys Peart at rock, cus that conscionable the psyche of Led Zeppelin and I don't know how added ot put it, but I really expect you guys should mental attitude Peart more...he's equitable great.

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